Hi, I’m Patrick Bos, astrophysicist and eScience research engineer.

I work at the Netherlands eScience Center in Amsterdam. Together with scientists, I develop methods to bring the scientists’ research one step further. We apply the newest techniques from data processing and computer technology to reach this goal.

I previously worked on digital humanities projects about media, politics and art. In these projects we used text mining and linked data. Currently, I’m working with particle physicists. They do calculations of models of the smallest particles. These models have to be compared to data from experiments. Because the models are highly complex and a lot of data comes from the experiments the calculations take a long time to complete. It is my task to speed this up. You can read more about my projects at my Netherlands eScience Center page.

My scientific hobby is studying the large scale structures of the universe and cosmology. Specifically, I currently study the interplay of the cosmic web – the intricate pattern of filaments and sheets that surround huge empty regions (voids), and which fills the entire universe like a foam – with the heaviest objects in the universe, galaxy clusters, that reside at the knots connecting filaments and sheets. I’m also working on ways to shed more light on the nature of dark energy – one of the greatest mysteries in physics at the moment – e.g. by probing the shapes of voids.

To gain a better understanding of the Universe, I build Bayesian models to bring together astronomical observations and physical models. Among other things, these allow us to predict where dark matter is hiding out.